Transcribing For YouTube Id – Complete Guide

Your goal as a content creator is to connect with as many people as you can. Transcribing for YouTube is beneficial since it makes your content more accessible. 

Fortunately, YouTube allows users to easily get the transcript of a video. Viewers will be able to click and view the transcription as the video plays. This is especially useful for persons who have hearing problems or whose native language does not match the video they are seeing.

If you are looking for solutions you have come to the correct place. In the following article, we will go over how to discover a Transcribing For YouTube and how to make your transcript for any video content you upload. 

How Does YouTube Transcription Work?

Transcribing for YouTube Videos

There is Transcribing for YouTube accessible on PC, Android and iOS devices. When you watch the video on any of these devices you may access the transcript with a single click. However, it is worth noting that this varies slightly amongst devices. 

When you click the button the platform will transform the YouTube video into text. You can then see the direct text in a transcript box. Time stamps for the text are included in the YouTube transcription so you can easily find the exact moment in the video.

How can I get a Transcribing for YouTube?

First let’s look at how to get a Transcribing for YouTube video while using a browser. You have the option of viewing the closed captions (CCs) or the whole transcript on the side of the video. To start the process follows this step-by-step guide: 

Step 1: Go to YouTube

In your browser go to and search for the video for which you want a transcript. To watch the video in your browser click the link. The video will play automatically. 

Step 2: Select the ellipsis (…) button 

The ellipsis (…) button appears below the main video to the right of the box. When you click this a dropdown window will appear with two options.

Step 3: Select “Show transcript”.

You’ll see either “Report” or “Show transcript.” When you select “Show transcript” a box will display on the right side of the video. The transcript will include timestamps and the entire text of the YouTube audio.

Transcribing for Videos

To get YouTube transcriptions open the closed captions (CCs)

If you wish to read YouTube transcripts in real-time while watching a video, open the closed captions (CCs). Once you’ve opened the video click the “Subtitles/closed captions” button below the video box. As the video plays the captions display as layers on top of it. 

Best Way Transcribing for YouTube Videos from your phone

 Of course we do not always watch videos on the browser. According to the most recent global statistics cell phones are the most popular device for watching videos. 

When using an Android or iOS device you can still obtain a YouTube video transcript. Follow the instructions below to easily obtain a transcript of the video audio. 

Step 1: Open the YouTube app. 

Before you begin launch the YouTube app on your smartphone device. Next select the video you wish to transcribe and click on it. You can use the search bar on the top right side of the website.

Step two: Click the “More” button

Transcribing for Youtube

You will see a “More” button below the video. The video’s description will enlarge and you will notice a box labeled “Transcript“. 

Step 3: Select “Show transcript”

When you click on it the video’s whole transcript and timestamps will appear. This tool automatically converts a YouTube video into text that you can browse through. 

Bonus: Open the closed captions 

Did you know you can view closed captions in the YouTube app? Once you have opened the app on your smartphone and chosen the video you wish to watch click the screen. The CC box will display at the top of the video allowing you to select. Once you click it, subtitles will appear over the primary video as it plays. 

Accurate Transcribing for YouTube Videos with Transciptal

Transcribing tool for Youtube

Transciptal helps content creators ensure reliable YouTube transcriptions. The software allows you to set up your virtual studio and create high-quality video material in minutes. 

Transciptal provides highly accurate transcriptions in over 100 languages. You do not need to do anything special. Transcriptions are automatically generated immediately after recording. The smart function also includes speaker differentiation allowing you to easily mark the different speakers in your video. That can be beneficial to both you and your audience.

When you’ve finished the video and have the transcription in front of you you can save the entire text as an SRT or TXT file. It does not end there. You may include these transcriptions directly into your video or use them to edit it with our text-based video and audio editor. Any text you erase from your transcript automatically eliminates the corresponding video and audio from your recording. 

TRANSCRIPTAL Helps Transcribing for YouTube Videos

 Enter Your Video URL: 

Open Transcriptal and enter the URL of the required video that you want to transcript.

Transcriptal Ai POwered Tool

Transcriptal’s Transcription Magic feature:

Transcriptal’s Transcription Magic feature generates accurate transcriptions after adding the link. There is no need for manual effort. 

Download and publish your Video:

Download and publish your transcript in SRT or TXT format. When you publish your video upload it to YouTube to ensure smooth closed captioning. 

That is it. Transcriptal simplifies the process; no sign-in is necessary. 


Best AI for Transcribing for YouTube Videos?

Transcriptal is a highly regarded artificial intelligence tool for transcribing YouTube videos. This tool has been recognized for its accuracy and efficiency in transforming audible utterances into text. Its powerful algorithms assure accurate transcription making it a popular choice for content creators and experts. 

Top AI Tool for Transcribing YouTube Tutorials?

Transcriptal stands out as the best AI tool for transcribing YouTube tutorials. Its ability to effectively transcribe instructional information together with features such as speaker identification and time stamping make it an excellent alternative for anyone generating educational materials on the platform. 

How to transcribe YouTube videos for free?

To transcribe YouTube videos for free, use YouTube’s built-in tool. 

  • Go to YouTube Studio. 
  • Select Subtitles. 
  • Select a language then add and edit subtitles. 
  • Save and publish. 

Transcriptal is another solution that provides more features and accuracy. 

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