Ai Transcript Generator Tool for YouTube Videos

Are you searching for an Ai Transcript Generator Tool for YouTube videos? Alright, Google has shown you the best transcription tool for your YouTube videos. This site contains more than 100 languages you can download the transcriptions for, furthermore, it’s completely free to download YouTube transcripts. 

Don’t wait any more, the name of the tool is TRANSCRIPTION AI. This site is a special tool to download lengthy YouTube videos’ transcriptions. This tool is designed to edit the transcriptions of the YouTube videos, so you can easily download them and use them accordingly.

Among several AI transcribing tools, we’ve listed the top free ones for you. Each tool is explained with its specifications and the power of transcribing in different languages. Each of the listed Ai Transcript Generator Tools has something unique and advantageous for you. 

Let’s dive in.

MAESTRA AI Transcript Generator Tool For YouTube 


MAESTRA is the preferred Ai Transcript Generator tool for YouTube videos. All you need to do is paste the copied link there. You can see the screenshot, and if you want to try it, scroll a bit above and click on the heading of MAESTRA. You can now post your link there. 

Following are some specific features of Maestra Ai Transcript Generator Tool. 

  • Free To Use
  • Multi language options 
  • Download Option
  • Speedy and Fast 
  • Reliable Transcriptions 
  • Precise Sentences 
  • Edit Option 
  • Desired Formats 

And if you’re still reading this blog and have not clicked the link above, let us tell you that this blog is FREE and generates the desired YouTube videos’ transcription in no time. There’s something that MAESTRA misses and being a neutral blogger, we’re going to say it. The bad thing about MAESTRA Ai Transcript Generator Tool is that they generate broken sentences or incomplete length. That’s why we have listed another tool. 

KOMEAI– FREE AI Transcript Generator Tool 

KOMEAI- FREE AI Transcript Generator Tool 

As long as you’re in need of a FREE Ai Transcript Generator Tool for YouTube videos, KOMEAI can be your preferred choice. Don’t worry, the pricing section is only for those who want more than the transcriptions. 

For example; 

  • The Edit Option Before You Download It
  • Translation of Transcription in More than One Language 
  • The length of the Video or a lengthy transcription 

These are the major features that may cost you, depending on your requirements. So the less you desire, the less you’re going to suffer. That’s the idiom; however, you can get those a cheap Ai powered Transcript Generator Tool with an access to its complete features at a cheap price as compared to other platforms, so KOMEAI should be tried with the desired features. 

Unfire Ai – BEST Ai Powered Transcript Generator Tool


The name says everything about this AI powered Transcript Generator Tool for YouTube videos. The tool not only generates the perfect transcripts but also gives you the desired options. These options are: 

  1. Linked Posts
    1. Carousel Posts 
    2. linked in Articles. 
  2. Twitter or Threads
    1. Tweets 
    2. Long-form 
  3. YouTube Video Descriptions 
    1. Video Titles 
    2. Timeline 
    3. tags 
    4. community posts 
  4. Titles 
    1. Summary Times maps 
    3. Keywords 
    4. ⁠Mentioned Resource

Not all the features are free; therefore, you’ll have to pay for use other important and most important features related to each platform or the specific facility. 

Transcriptal Ai – FREE Ai Powered Transcript Generator Tool 


We have something more to say about this Ai Transcript Generator for YouTube Videos. Transcriptal is an emerging YouTube video transcription tool and has gained valuable insights from the users. 

Youtubers who need genuine content and precise transcriptions are using transcriptal ai these days. Transcriptal Ai comes with fast and free options when it comes to downloading the YouTube transcriptions. 

All you need is to. 

  • Copy the URL of Youtube Video 
  • Paste on Transcriptal site. 
  • Select the language you want. 
  • Click on the Generate 

The service does not end here, Transcriptal helps you download the transcript in your desire format and also helps you edit it before you download it. Its’ amazing! You can also generate lengthy transcripts on transcriptal and its’ completely free. You must be wondering why we’ve placed it on number 4, its’ because we wanted to give you the reward for waiting and reading it all the way from the introduction. 

An important update about Transcriptal is that you’ll get a surprise if you sign up and turn the notification on. The surprise is in the coming week. So make sure you’re connected with us.


Finally! Transcriptal should be your preferred choice, as it comes with FREE options and FREE features. Download the transcription of the YouTube video right now and save it for your content writing or content creation. Youtube transcript generator can really help you gain deeper insights into what the audience is watching and what specific terms or hook practices are being practiced by national or international YouTubers. 


How to Download FREE Transcripts of a YouTube video? 

Follow these steps to download YouTube transcripts.  

  1. Copy the URL of the YouTube Video.  
  2. Go to Transcriptal Ai 
  3. Paste the copied URL of your desired video. 
  4. Now generate the transcription 
  5. Wait and click on download. 

What is the best AI Transcript Generator Tool for YouTube videos?

Transcriptal Ai tool is the best Ai transcript generator tool for following reasons. 

  1. This online tool is FREE. 
  2. It comes with the “Edit Transcript” option. 
  3. You can download the transcript with one click. 
  4. It is Ai powered tool and works very fast. 

What are 5 best Youtube Transcript generator Ai tools? 

Following are 5 AI-powered Youtube Transcript generator tools. 

  3. KOMEAI 
  4. UNFIRE 
  5. HitPaw

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